Brand Ambassador Application

So you wanna join the family... That’s great! There are some questions we have to help screen our candidates, since we get all kinds of strange applications. Cultural Curls is a brand that focuses on self, community, and patriotic pride. We believe you should always strive to “Make Your Mark” on whatever it is that drives you. Whether it be fitness, sports, music, public safety, military service, or any other activity or lifestyle that is a part of who you are, we believe you should apply your best efforts and intentions. Cultural Curls is a small who loves what we do and who we get to work with.

That all starts with our wonderful team members and ambassadors that support and promote us across social media and personal interactions. We believe in a strong brand representative program that displays or values and motivations. We welcome people that are engaging, positive, motivated, and active throughout social media, physical events and social works. We need you to help our dream grow. When you join us, you become family, a member of our team, and the face of our company. With, there are some qualities we look for aside from what was already mentioned.

Please take the time to accurately fill this form out and hit submit to be considered as a Cultural Curls Brand Ambassador. We do not discriminate against any potential candidate from all walks of life, religion, sex, orientation, or race.

What we look for:

Strong social media presence: Follower engagement, frequent account activity, positive messages, quality posts and pictures, relatability, trustworthiness, and individuals that are not a walking billboard that represent several brands. We mention this last one due to potential customers negative impressions of a candidate that represent too many brands and depicts an overly advertised social media page. Research has shown that most customers disengage with social media pages that are overly saturated by ads and non organic lifestyle posts.

A summary of what’s expected:

Quality posted content:

Hi resolution images (it’s 2019 people, and all of us have a powerful camera in our pockets that can take amazing quality photos).

Brand engagement:

Take it upon yourself to learn more about our brand and vision and actively share it with your followers and personal interactions. Know the answers to potential questions you may be asked about Cultural Curls. Who we are, where we’re from, what we offer, what’s coming in the future.

Frequent posts:

Containing our products, promotions and news. Typically we ask for a minimum or 1 (one) quality post a week. We encourage more, but it is not “required”.

Non discriminating content:

We will not tolerate any forms of racism, sexism, religious discrimination, or any other forms of hate speech or action that breeds or promotes negativity or social divide. If you have any questions please feel free to use the “Contact Us” form. Thank you for your interest in supporting Cultural Curls Company and for wanting to join our growing family!

Contact info:

If selected, are you comfortable receiving communications via text message?

(messaging will not be used for advertisement, only business related content. Standard carrier and data rates are the brand representatives responsibility)

Social Media Accounts: fill with your account name or link
What social media platform do you have the most engagements, or follower activity on?