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How to Maintain your Cultural Curl

Curly hair often tends to be dry because the oils produced by your scalp struggle to reach the ends of your strands, due to the kinks and curls. Use a nourishing shampoo for curly hair such as Cultural Curl Oil Care Shampoo. It is formulated with weightless vita oils to deeply nourish hair and control frizz leaving it more manageable from the first use 

Equally, if you are prone to frizz, a nourishing oil is your friend. Try massaging Cultural Curl Oil from root to tip before washing. It is infused with hibiscus and argan oils to add shine and leave hair silky 

After you wash your hair, don’t towel-dry it, as that will only cause your hair to frizz. Instead tilt your head forward and squeeze upwards gently to get rid of the excess water

A big part of curly hair care is learning to dry it gently and minimally. When you blow dry your hair, use a diffuser (which reduces frizz by distributing the heat evenly) – but do not over-dry: just dry out the majority of the water and then leave the rest to dry naturally 

It might go against everything your mum taught you, but do not brush your hair. Brushing is too aggressive for curly hair – it will pull out the natural curl and you will lose definition and provoke frizz. If you must unpick a tangle, do it when your hair is wet (avoid combing your hair when its dry) using a wide-toothed comb, start at the ends of the hair and work your way up to avoid breakage

Apply curly hair products while your hair is still wet. This will help lock in the moisture and keep your curls thick and lustrous. A few drops of Cultural Curl Oil adds luminosity with every use for beautifully healthy-looking hair. Perfect for a mid-week treat for your curls

How to Maintain You Cultural Curls

Every product we formulate is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, gluten, and is always vegan + cruelty-free.


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I love using cultural curls because I get amazing results without having to worry about harsh ingredients damaging my hair!



I love so much about Cultural Curl. The fact they have ingredients to help my hair stay its healthiest curl!

Jasmine L


This is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands for curls.



Cultural Curl is my favorite hair care line




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